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on Jul 03, 2023

Father and Son defending Ukraine together

The war in Ukraine is not just a conflict of the present; it is a war for the future. It is a fight that parents are waging not only for the bright prospects of their children but also one where they find themselves fighting side by side with their sons.

In the midst of this battle, numerous families stand united, bringing victory closer with each passing day. Among them are Anatoliy, a company senior combat medic, and his son Andriy, a platoon combat medic. Both have been serving with unwavering dedication in the esteemed 103 TDF Brigade from the very beginning. Together, they have faced countless perils and witnessed significant achievements.

In the face of adversity, Anatoliy and Andriy, like countless other brave individuals, embody the spirit of selflessness and heroism. Their unwavering dedication reflects the unwavering spirit of Ukrainian defenders who fight relentlessly for their homeland.

Your support and donations make a tangible difference in the lives of these courageous individuals. Join us in the fight for a brighter future and a victorious Ukraine. 👉


JCB 3CX Excavator for the Ukrainian Defenders!

JCB 3CX Excavator for the Ukrainian Defenders!

on May 03, 2024

Thermal imaging scopes to a specialized unit!

Thermal imaging scopes to a specialized unit!

on Apr 19, 2024



Ukrainians are fighting to stay alive! Join their fight for freedom.