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on Aug 24, 2022

Unite With Ukraine Delivers Ballistic Helmets to Hospitallers Medical Battalion

Unite With Ukraine just delivered 200 Ballistic helmets, valued at US$ 75,000 to the Hospitallers Medical Battalion on the frontline in Ukraine.

The non-military Hospitallers Medical Battalion provides assistance to any volunteer, military or civilian in the war zone who needs first aid or therapeutic treatment.  Hospital crews evacuate, stabilize and transport the wounded from the war zone to headquarters or frontline hospitals.

Backpack and helmet on a bench

Volunteers of the medical battalion provide constant support to the wounded in Dnipro at the Mechnikov Hospital – a place where the majority of severely wounded victims are transported. The Hospitallers also provide post-hospital support and rehabilitation for victims and  their families.

Two Ukrainian Soldiers

August 24th 2022 marks six months since the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine began. It also marks 31 years since Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. This is an especially historic independence day as Ukraine is once again fighting for its freedom from Russian control and aggression.

Helmets stacked on a shelf

In these past six months, Ukrainian World Congress’ Unite With Ukraine has raised  funds to procure and deliver non-lethal equipment for the defenders of Ukraine. Unite With Ukraine has successfully raised US$25 million, 100% of which has been used to help Ukraine maintain its freedom including this latest vital delivery to the hospitallers.

$25M donated by Unite With Ukraine

Unite With Ukraine is also assisting the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation and United 24 with creating an "Army of Drones". Drones are vital equipment that Ukraine’s defenders need in order to fend off the Russian invasion.

Army of Drones is changing history

The aim of the project is to raise funds to purchase 200 professional unmanned drone systems for aerial reconnaissance. Once purchased, the focus will shift to delivery, maintenance and replacement, as well as pilot training.

Help us build Ukraine's drone army

The Army of Drones will allow the defenders of Ukraine to monitor without interruptions, an enormous 2470 km stretch of frontline to most effectively respond to enemy attacks.

Unite With Ukraine continues to fundraise for this vital protective equipment, so please spread the word about Unite With Ukraine and donate to the project:


About The Hospitallers Medical Battalion

The Hospitallers are a Ukrainian volunteer medical battalion that provides first aid and evacuates wounded people from the war zone. Their slogan is "For the sake of every life!". Since the start of the war, the Hospitallers have saved 2750 Ukrainian soldiers.

Hospitallers at work

The Hospitallers Medical Battailon was founded on 6 July 2014, by medical volunteer Yana Zinkevych, who described how fierce battles for Ukrainian villages, Karlivka and Pisky, made her think of the necessity of a volunteer medical unit. The unit is named after Knights Hospitaller, a medieval Christian military order. In early 2016, it was taken under the auspices of the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps, a part of the Right Sector Organization. Yana Zinkevych is the chief of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army and the permanent commander of the Hospitallers Medical Battalion. As of March 2017, the Hospitallers consist of 60 persons (100 more in reserve).

Hospitallers in the community

In 2019 a municipal enterprise "Hospitallers of Dnipro" was created based on the Hospitallers Medical Battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. It received funding from the city budget of Dnipro.

The battalion has earned respect among the soldiers and moral support from Ukrainian people. The activities of its members stir the interest of contemporary artists, poets, writers, singers, and directors.


A permanent Combat of the Hospitallers, Yana Zinkevych, was awarded with the state order "For Merits of the 3rd degree", the For Saving Lives award, and the Martial Prowess award, the non-state order "People's Hero of Ukraine",30 Stars of Ukraine Award.


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