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on Jun 24, 2022

Unite With Ukraine Partners with Mriya Aid to Deliver 10 Fury Drones to Ukraine’s Frontlines - Unite With Ukraine

The Ukrainian World Congress and the #UniteWithUkraine campaign are very proud to announce a new strategic partnership with aid organisation Mriya Aid, a network of international volunteers dedicated to helping Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression.

Both campaigns have the joint purpose of providing the defenders of Ukraine with non-lethal reconnaissance equipment including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that meet the evolving needs in this fight.

As a result of this important partnership, 10 Fury drones will be delivered to the frontline in Ukraine. This delivery has also been made possible with the input of Volatus Aerospace and UAVTEK who manufacture the drones and continue to refine the UAV systems in accordance with almost real time operator feedback.

President of the Ukrainian World Congress Paul Grod said, “We are very pleased to be able to partner with the team at Mriya Aid. They have unparalleled expertise and their team and have proven themselves to be very adept in understanding what is needed on the frontline. As we share a common goal – to defeat the Russian invaders by providing non-lethal protective equipment to the frontlines – it made complete sense for us to partner on this and I am pleased that this has already proven a success with the delivery of these 10 UAVs. We will continue to do everything we can for the brave defenders of Ukraine and ask that you keep donating so that we can defeat the Russian invasion.”

Why Fury Drones?

A small team was established to determine what type of UAVs were required and where they should be sent. The first part of this project was to determine what type of UAV and with what functionality would be useful to Ukrainian soldiers.

Direct consultations were held with frontline units to develop a list of essential requirements for this UAV purchase. The operators were keen to provide direct feedback so the system selected could be refined to better meet their needs.

Having established essential UAV requirements, the next part of the process was a search for UAV systems that met those requirements. This involved extensive research with multiple manufacturers including Volatus Aerospace. Volatus Aerospace introduced us to a company who had a product that met operator requirements - the Fury.

UAVTEK has a strong desire to work with Ukrainian soldiers to improve the product, and to give them constant technical back up and to training on how to operate the Fury.

Three front line units were selected for the initial delivery and training is being supported by local security forces.

  • The Fury has a custom-built Daytime and Night (Thermal) Stabilized Camera.
  • It has the UAVTEK proprietary Autopilot, Secure Datalink, ip55 Rugged Controller and a Military Spec. Rugged Transport Case.
  • The Secure Datalink delivers dual video streams.
  • UAVTEK provide one year of remote support and parts warranty.

Melanie Lake, Chairperson, Mriya Aid said, “Our team feels a deep connection to Ukraine as our friends, colleagues and family are now engaged in this fight. Mriya Aid leverages our network of multidisciplinary experts in defence and security, logistics, contracting, procurement, human resources, and fundraising to secure and transport aid to Ukraine. Our team includes military and civilian members. We hope to expand our efforts to include the facilitation of medical treatment to wounded soldiers in the near future through partner medical organizations. All funds donated will go towards purchasing and shipping the aid.”

About Mriya Aid

Mriya Aid is a network of experts dedicated to helping Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression. Mriya Aid secures and sends medical supplies, non-lethal reconnaissance equipment, and humanitarian aid to the frontlines where it’s desperately needed now.

About Unite With Ukraine

#UniteWithUkraine enables anyone, anywhere to provide support for the Ukrainian people as they fight for freedom, human rights and democracy. Funds raised are being used to supply an evolving range of needs to the brave men and women on the front line, including: individual first aid kits; bullet-proof vests and helmets; night-vision goggles; and communication equipment and fuel, among other things.

About Ukrainian World Congress

Established in 1967, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is the global voice for the Ukrainian people worldwide. As an international NGO, we represent the interests of more than 20 million Ukrainians in the diaspora, unite Ukrainian communities and organizations in 60+ countries, and work to support a democratic, prosperous, European Ukraine.  

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The strength, resilience, and perseverance of the ‘Defenders of Ukraine’ remains steadfast in the face of the invaders but they continue to need our support, and they need it TODAY - please spread this message!

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