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on Apr 05, 2022

Unite With Ukraine: Shipment of medical supplies arrives in Lviv via Poland - Unite With Ukraine

As part of the #UniteWithUkraine campaign, an order of life saving equipment including 20,000 combat application tourniquets, 1,500 NATO-standard Individual first aid kits, and 300 Medic Trauma Packs is to be delivered to Lviv today. This shipment was made possible through the #UniteWithUkraine global appeal - as well as a donation from Canadian charity, ‘Help Us Help’.

The shipment arrived in the town of Przemysl in Poland yesterday, and it will be shipped across the border today, heading into a staging area in Lviv.

The order is destined for the Lviv Volunteer Medical Battalion, as well as specific medic support teams. It will provide vital assistance to the teams on the ground.

The Ukrainian World Congress would like to thank all of its supporters around the world who have made this shipment of medical equipment possible. The Ukrainian World Congress, which represents the interests of over 20 million Ukrainians in the diaspora, will continue to do everything possible to help the brave and heroic Ukrainian defenders who have stayed behind in our beloved Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion. 

As the war crimes being committed against Ukrainians by Russian forces continue, there is a real risk of genocide of our people. The horrifying stories and images from Bucha confirmed our biggest fears and we must continue to fight for Ukrainian victory and freedom now more than ever. 

The #UniteWithUkraine campaign will continue to raise funds to get essential protective equipment to the frontlines but also to rebuild our beautiful nation once the Russian forces are defeated. 

Unite With Ukraine! Victory for Ukraine!


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Ukrainians are fighting to stay alive! Join their fight for freedom.