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on Sep 16, 2022

Von Der Leyen Visits Kyiv - Unite With Ukraine

The President of the EU, Ursula Von Der Leyen visited Kyiv for the third time this week since the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine began. During her visit she met with a wide range of Ukrainian Government officials including with President Zelenskyy. At the end of her visit she held a joint Press conference with President Zeleneskyy in which she affirmed the EU’s support for Ukraine, saying that supporting Ukraine comes at a high cost, but freedom is "priceless".

The EU president also confirmed that Ukraine is “on track” to join the EU saying that “It is impressive to see the speed, the determination, the preciseness with which [Ukraine] is progressing. And as you know, we support you wherever we can”.

Ursula Von Der Leyen with President Zelenskiy

Von Der Leyen also stated that the sanctions on Russia were finally having a “deep and visible” impact, reiterating how important sanctions are for curtailing Russian aggression.

Finally, the EU Commission President said that the recent gains made by the Ukrainian army in liberating Ukrainian territory from the Russians have provided a sense of optimism and has “lifted spirits, not only in Ukraine but all over Europe."

In a further sign of optimism, Von Der Leyen said that on 25 October Berlin will host a Reconstruction Congress where experts from all over the world will discuss the best approach for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

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Those are just some of the major developments we have been working on this week. We will continue to keep you updated on our efforts and we thank all those who have donated, supported, and partnered with us so far – you are saving lives!!

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