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on Nov 03, 2022

Your support in action! Medical supplies donated to Donetsk Police Paramedics - Unite With Ukraine

Donetsk frontline paramedics get first responder gear from Ukrainian World Congress


UWC representatives handed over five tactical backpacks to be used by paramedics serving on the eastern frontline and in liberated population centers. 

These paramedics save the lives of wounded defenders at the sites of russian shelling and provide first aid to residents living in areas where the enemy has destroyed health facilities.  The brave medical first responders also assist with the evacuation of elderly, diabled and infirm civilians.  Unfortunately, the first aid equipment and supplies of the police force are quickly used up, therefore, this donation from UWC supporters is urgently needed. 

These world-class tactical backpacks are equipped with critical items including modern hemostatic tourniquets, wound dressing materials, artificial respiration equipment, chest wound aid and bone fracture aid.  This equipment and supplies allows first responders to stabilize patients until further aid can be rendered. 

"We thank the Ukrainian World Congress for its support and humanitarian aid. Paramedics will use the received tactical medicine kits to save people in the most shelled areas, as well as de-occupied Sviatohirsk and Lyman," said Oleksandr Savenko, head of the Donetsk Police training center for paramedics.  

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